Renovations Consultants, LLC was established in 2013 by Dean Currier. Dean Currier has over 25 years of experience as a contractor, and has spent decades mastering the subdisciplines of carpentry, electrical, plumbing and heating, and project management. Dean Currier’s experience working in the field alerted him to the plenitude of inaccurate inspection reports delivered to clients. This dismal circumstance to which many homeowners too often fall victim inspired Dean Currier to devote his career to conducting inspections and providing renovation estimates himself. With this aim, Renovation Consultants was born.

Dean Currier is also experienced in historical renovations, and brings a unique sensitivity to working with New England’s older homes. Renovation Consultants is licensed by the HUD and the FHA for 203k Inspections and Consulting. Dean Currier himself has passed the National licensing exam, gone through lead certification, is a member of MeCHIPs (Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals), and has taken courses in mold identification and remediation.